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iMapBuilder - Easiest Online Map Program

Create professional, clickable Flash interactive map for websites and presentations.
All-in-1 software for easy map construction. It allows you to customize every detail of your map-color, sizes, images, text without any programming or design knowledge required.

Latest Version: v8.50
Released On: 8th Dec 2014

Create Online World Map, US Map and Country maps using pre-defined templates.
• Easily convert any static map image into clickable, interactive Flash map.
• Create clickable street map, store directory map, travel map, branch office map, the possibilities are endless!

interactive europe heat map pinpoint world map template clickable flight airlines-map

Online Google Map Editor - pinpoint accurate locations using address, zip code, longitude & latitude, run in browser. View custom Google map samples

Custom maps and Map software for website, flash world map, interactive map, US maps ...

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