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A4Flash is a team of professional and experienced website developers. Since 1996, we've provided clients from across the world with excellent service and outsourcing solutions. Please browse through our portfolio and extensive flash sample gallery to determine how we can help your projects. Our services includes:

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Image hotspot generator using HTML5
image hotspot generator

iiCreator is a PC desktop software. With it, you can generate interactive images in HTML5 with hotspot for attractive presentation and share among users. The output works on PC, Mac, tablets & mobile.

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Coloring Game   Flash Game
Coloring Game - Coloring game for pre-school kids
- Rich interface and specially-crafted graphics
- Simulation of letter writing - serve as a teaching tool
- Allows printing of colored and blank graphics
Flash Interactive Map   Combo
Flash Interactive Map - World Map with countries and states
- Each Country / State link to one content page
Entertainment Company   Flash
Entertainment Company - Compass-like Flash navigation
- Each menu item appears as a slice in the compass
- Rotating animation of compass layers
- Starry background
Jazz Theatre & Restaurant   Flash
Jazz Theatre & Restaurant - Large header area to show essential information
- Use color themes compatible with logo
- Simple yet elegant design
Lace Wigs Store   E-Commerce
Lace Wigs Store - Collection of Designer Wigs and Hairpieces
- Shopping Cart System (Payment via PayPal)
- Product Catalogue
- Online Forms (Refer-a-friend and ContactUs)
Golf Club - Main Site   Flash
Golf Club - Main Site - Navigation with Flash animation
- Vector Graphics
- Customizable with private branding
Golf Club - Intro   Flash Ads & Intro
Golf Club - Intro - Flash Intro
Black Jack Game   Flash Game
Black Jack Game - Mini Flash Casino Game
- 1 player play against computer
- can run online or on CDROM
- all images/graphics are customizable
World Map Game   Flash Game
World Map Game - Interactive map game
- Guess countries location
- Timing and score calculation feature
Private Jet Flying   E-Commerce
Private Jet Flying - Online lucky draw for private jet flying
- Membership can access to aircrafts and actual flying time
- Accept payment using PayPal
- Ticket management

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