Content Management System (CMS)

A4Flash CMS provides a solution for webmaster -- NOT just a Technology!!

Most out-of-the-box CMS product on the market today is just a "technology" -- trying to meet all the different aspects of content management for every website using one or few standard solutions, which is not possible.

Webmaster often ends up with a system that are Overcomplicated, and actually required more learning and maintainence. Most websites really do not need most CMS packages bells and whistles.

A4Flash CMS provides totally Custom Design Based solutions -- we customize the CMS base on the requirements of every individual websites.

A4Flash CMS Advantages:
  • Ease of Use
  • Fully customized for your needs
  • Browser-based, minimal learning time
  • Effortless Maintenance
  • Affordability, once off fee only
  • Support HTML and Flash based websites
  • Integrates perfectly with your website template or custom design
Customized Projects:
Customized Projects -- Jundeh International
Customized Projects -- NSO Entertainment
Jundeh International Co., Ltd. NSO Entertainment
- Updating Face Selections,
  with text and images
- Updating Entertainment

A4Flash CMS can be installed on any web server with PHP & MySql database, which is supported by almost all hosting companies. We can also host your CMS if required.

Web content can be News, Calendars, Photo Gallery, Discussion Board, Testimonial Pages, Flash Presentations, and more. Most organisations website contains less than 50 pages.

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